Producer/Videographer/Editor: Charissa King-O’Brien

Charissa has been making nonfiction films and videos since 1999 as an independent producer, filmmaker, and editor in Chicago and Boston. Her film In My Father’s Church was released in 2004 and follows Charissa’s story of wanting to get married to her partner Kelly in her minister father’s conservative church. In My Father’s Church has shown at festivals and conferences internationally, screened on television in Israel, and is being distributed through Women Make Movies. King-O’Brien’s recent personal documentary film Over the Moon released in 2010 and has toured the film festival circuit, winning a honorable mention for a documentary feature at the Chicago Reeling Film Festival. Charissa has won three Community Arts Assistance Program grants from the City of Chicago Department of Cultural Affairs and the Illinois Arts Council for her previous film Over the Moon and for this current film The Paper Mirror.

Senior Consulting Editor: David Simpson

Additional Camera: Kimberly Nicole

Music by: Jorrit Dijkstra, Scott Rudolph, Laurie Lee Moses, Ney Alliey and Tamara Ghattas

Animation by: Shelley Dodson

Sound mix by: Lou Mallozzi at Experimental Sound Studio

Art work by: Riva Lehrer and Alison Bechdel

Graphic Design by: Jess Weida

Outreach and Publicity Advisor: Ronit Bezalel

Associate Producer: Toni Armstrong, Jr.

Duration: 33 Minutes

Production Format: DV